Singing Of The Times

Tommy Sands first solo album, Singing of the Times, released in 1985, is now regarded as a classic. Two songs from this collection, There Were Roses and Daughters and Sons have already passed into the Irish tradition and are currently included in the English Language syllabus in schools in Germany. Ireland’s Nobel winning poet Seamus Heaney spoke of “the airiness and heartsomeness” of Sands’ work. “You feel you can trust the singer as well as the song”, he says, “his voice is at ease, it is not drawing attention to itself and yet, for that very reason it demands attention naturally.”



  1. There Were Roses
  2. All The Little Children
  3. I’m Going Back On The Bicycle
  4. Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed
  5. Misty Mourne Shore
  6. The Woman At The Bann
  7. Peter’s Song
  8. Children Of The Dole
  9. Daughters And Sons
  10. Don’t Call Me Early In The Morning


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