Down by Bendy’s Lane

A delightful tape of Irish songs and stories for children! A collection of authentic and whimsical tales for kids of all ages, told and sung by Ireland’s most beloved Pied Piper. Tommy Sands reaches into his own childhood to share the excitement and breathless anticipation of old stories brought to life. A grand way to entertain your children and yourselves at the same time –Tommy’s magical style will make Down By Bendy’s Lane an instant family favourite.



  1. Tell Me A Story
  2. Art, Neart And Ceart
  3. Fair Rosa
  4. Bonnie Wee House Of Iveagh
  5. Banana Song
  6. Story Of Willie Brennan
  7. Down By Bendy’s Lane
  8. Ceann Mór
  9. The Old Sow
  10. The Boy With No Story
  11. Moya Is My Darling
  12. Night Night And Einini


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