Ballad of a Songman

Tommy Sands

A critically acclaimed multi-media event

In collaboration with Irish playwright Martin Lynch, Tommy Sands has created a new critically acclaimed multi-media event combining song, story, poetry, humour, video, and imagery that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Based on Tommy’s 2005 autobiography, The Songman, Tommy’s one-man show, Ballad of a Songman, is a personal account of his upbringing in Northern Ireland, of the Troubles and eventual peace accords there, his time with the Sands Family Band, his friendships and encounters with musicians, writers, and political leaders, his campaigns for peace and harmony in Ireland and throughout the world, and his humanitarian work.

No hyperbole needed. The reviews say it best …

Paul Keating, The Irish Voice: “A tour de force.” “Jump at the chance to see Ballad of a Songman.”

Colin O'Neill, Newry Democrat (County Down, Northern Ireland): “Held us spellbound.”

Daniel Neely, The Irish Echo: “Spectacular.” “Simply brilliant.” “The audience left the performance absolutely buzzing.” “Absolutely recommended.”

Arising from the Troubles

Tommy Sands - Arising from the Troubles

Tommy Sands concert program

This is a Tommy Sands concert program is based on his album, Arising from the Troubles, which was released as part of Tommy's upcoming tour in the United States.

The emotional content of the concert program is described in the recording's summary (provided by Eamonn McCann on the back of the CD sleeve):

"Through the swirl of smoke and sulphur came the rebel songs of Tommy Sands. Not in the sense of whooping it up for violent struggle, but in rebellion against the hatred which has pock-marked our history and shredded the happiness of successive generations. This collection provides a soundtrack for days of darkness, days of hope, days of weary peace: soul songs telling our troubled story with a deft eye for exact detail and pitch-perfect appreciation of political nuance. Northern Ireland is a savage place drenched in decency. Perhaps it cannot be understood other than by an act of artistic imagination. Arising from the Troubles offers a more eloquent and expansive account of our awkward reality than any shelf load of academic analyses." Eamonn McCann.

The songs on the program will be complemented by Sands' narrative of his first-hand experiences in this sometimes sad, sometimes hopeful time in Northern Ireland.

Educational Mission

Tommy Sands

Let the circle be wide

A critically acclaimed multi-media event

Tommy Sands is involved in peace concerts, lectures, assembly programs for middle school and high school, and university workshop performances where he shares his songs and their message of tolerance and peace for his country and for peoples around the world. In addition to the message, Tommy’s education program includes wonderful music, vocals. The presentation’s content speaks to two themes that are integrated in single program. The first is “the Irish Bardic tradition.” Tommy is known for his rich knowledge of traditional Irish music and it’s history. As a modern Bard, he carries on the tradition and brings the old into the new. Tommy’s second theme is of course using song, music and art to create dialogue about peaceful solutions to situations of cultural conflict.

  • School Program
  • Library/Museum Program
  • University Lectures
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