“Sarajevo/Belfast” brings together two incredible musicians from countries rent by deadly internal strife. Singer Tommy Sands grew up amidst the devastating “troubles” in Northern Ireland, and cellist Vedran Smailovic was a resident of Bosnia, which suffered direly from the fragmentation of the former Yugoslavia into separate warring territories… also featuring Joan Baez and Pete Seeger.



  1. Ode To Sarajevo – Vedran Smailovic, Tommy Sands & Joan Baez
  2. Bembasa – Vedran Smailovic
  3. Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Tommy Sands, Dolores Keane & Vedran Smailovic
  4. Waltz – Vedran Smailovic
  5. Memento Mori – Albinoni AdagioVedran Smailovic
  6. Music Of Healing – Vedran Smailovic, Tommy Sands & Pete Seeger
  7. Bosfor – Vedran Smailovic
  8. Child Of 2000
  9. Dilber – Vedran Smailovic
  10. Buskers
  11. Laganside