“Tommy Sands has achieved that difficult but wonderful balance between knowing and loving the traditions of his home and being concerned with the future of the whole world.”
Pete Seeger
“In his book Tommy Sands shows the rare gift of combining objectivity with passion. He is - and the world knows this - the bard of peace, loved by both sides. His book is a journey through his life and the recent history of his own place, the North. It's the kind of book you want to read under a tree with a glass of wine by your side because that is what his writing is, a fine mellow prose, that sparkles with humour and compassion. Keep it by your bed. It's that kind of book - and you know what I mean.”
Frank McCourt
“Tommy Sands is the only man, without a private army, who can intimidate me.”
Loyalist Politician David Ervine
“You feel you can trust the singer as well as the song...”
Seamus Heaney
“The gentle songs of a gentle man, ringing out above the tumult and the shouting.... Through people like Tommy Sands there will be an answer.”
Belfast Telegraph
“Part of the delight of reading the book is seeing the world through Tommy's eyes and having some of his enthusiasm rub off on you. It makes you feel like you should and could do more to make the world a better place.”
Robbie O'Connell
“A beautifully written book by a very talented legend. Go out a buy a copy, you won't be disappointed.”
Newry Democrat
“Not just the story of one of Ireland's finest songwriters and performers, it is also the story of growing up and living in Northern Ireland during the troubled decades at the end of the twentieth century. Tommy Sands' strong belief in human rights, and in the importance of forgiveness and respect, shines through the book. There are passages of enormous humour in the book as well as of enormous pathos. It is wonderfully entertaining and anyone who loves music and Ireland will adore this beautifully written and easily read autobiography.”
Dowry Square Books