Young Man's Dream
This recently-released song was created from the original Irish version that dates back four centuries. The song became popular after 1928, and most audiences know it as the ballad, "Danny Boy."

Dreams of home where the heart can wander
Dreams of home where the heart is free
The golden eye sees a far horizon
An island rising upon the sea
And all around me the waves were rolling
Nine times over and under me
Its song of thunder a maiden of wonder
That lay before me like an angel queen

Her smile inviting, her eyes enlightening
Her beauty frightening on an earthly shore
Oh can it be or is it I’m dreaming
For no such vision have I seen before
She said it’s dreaming that bears creation
That grows the land and that fills the sea
I am behind you, I am before you
I’m all around you if you could see

It’s then she led me down by the river
Where daisies gather round dark waters flow
And salmon leap for the hazel berry
To share the mysteries of returning home
And all around me the wars were raging
To have and to hold her, their battle call
The dead arose when they gained their learning
The dream of love, it belongs to all

I saw an island set free of sorrow
Her nature tended by a loving hand
And many voices from far off places
Arose in chorus like a single clan
And through her eyes I could see the dawning
Of what has been and what yet can be
A land of promise a land to cherish
An island dreaming where the heart is free