Voyages towards Peace and Human Rights

Tommy Sands with Moya and Fionan are embarking on a concert tour in the Middle East incorporating Palestine and Israel at a most difficult time for everyone there involved in Peace making. Their visit is in solidarity with all those groups involved in human rights and peace building who feel isolated in an increasing tension of violence, yet more than ever are in need of support.

The music of Tommy Sands down through the years has helped to create an atmosphere of humanity and neighbourliness in his Northern Ireland homeland in which opposing politicians and paramilitaries could more easily come together and discuss difficult issues.

His appearance with a group of children and musicians from both sides at the peace talks in NI was described as 'a defining moment' in that process. Originally he had planned to travel with a group of these politicians and ex-combatants who have been involved in addressing "the impossible problem" but recent events have postponed this aspect of the visit until a later time.

Nevertheless, despite the heightened tension, Sands and his band in answer to many calls from peace movements in both Palestine and Israel will travel anyway.They will meet with various NGOs such as The Forum of the Bereaved Families, Combatants for Peace and Breaking The Silence, and plan to perform concerts in the West Bank as well as Gaza and Israel.