Ixtlan Artists’ Newly Released Recordings

With Grammy nominations just around the corner, several of Ixtlan’s artists are releasing new CDs. There will be six new recordings available from Ixtlan’s roster of artists in 2008.

Kevin Locke will release two CDs. Last year, South Dakota PBS commissioned Kevin to write the soundtrack for a one-hour documentary, Oceti Sakowin: The People of the Seven Council Fires. It’s the fourth time Kevin’s music has appeared on film soundtracks. The resulting CD, Seven Fires, will be released this fall and includes new tracks not in the documentary. Earth Gifts, to be released in August, is a Native flute tour-de-force that has been in production for two years. It explores man’s connection to nature, interpreted by Kevin’s many flutes, and is produced by Grammy Award-Winner, Tom Wasinger.

Peter Ostroushko, a composer whose range runs from string concertos for orchestra to romping ditties about Borscht, is again expanding his sound. A departure from his beloved Ukrainian-infused heartland music, his new CD is a special project for his daughter, Anna, a circus aerialist in the Minneapolis-based Circus Juventas. Peter’s compositions will be played live during the show’s summer engagements.

In 2002, Ostroushko teamed up with Norman Blake for the Red House recording, Meeting On Southern Soil. This year, another Ixtlan Artist, Boys of the Lough, will collaborate with the bluegrass master. Blake is famous for his flat-picking guitar style and known for soundtracks such as Walk the Line and O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? He fuses his Appalachian sound with the Boys’ Celtic traditions. Ixtlan plans to tour Blake and the Boys next spring.

Tommy Sands’ new CD, Let the Circle Be Wide, features his first full collaboration with his children and fellow musicians, Moya and Fionan Sands. With original compositions alongside hundreds-of-years-old gems, some tracks boast the sparkling Irish sound Tommy is famous for. Others are edgier protest songs inspired by Tommy’s peace tours and travels to Cuba, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and other points on the globe where his "use of song to explore our common heritage" promotes acceptance and agreement to work together.

For more information and samples of the newly released music, check the Ixtlan Artists’ July newsletter. For more info on the artists, please visit www.ixtlanartists.com.

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